Free Substance Use Recovery and AA Resources

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Our resources for substance and alcohol recovery are here to remind us that recovery is a lifelong journey.

And, many national and state resources exist for those seeking guidance, help, and ongoing recovery.

You may need weekly, daily, or more frequent inspiration. With sustained support from family, peers, interventionists, and other professionals, recovery is realized.

Find national associations and institutes along with substance and alcohol resources by state.

Bookmark this page, share it, and let it serve as a reminder that help is always available.


Find institutes dedicated to drug and alcohol recovery.


Find treatment centers for behavioral health and opioid treatment.


Help lines are always there, whenever you may need them. Keep this list as a quick, shareable reference.

Recovery Resources by U.S. State

Recovery is a lifelong journey.

Each state has dedicated resources, so matter where you live, you can seek treatment, counsel, and wellness.

Resources - AA

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings by State

AA is represented throughout each state. So, even when you’re on vacation or on a business trip, you can find the support and peace of mind needed.

Additional AA Links

Find video, audio, and supplemental text related to Alcoholics Anonymous.

James Haggerty

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James Haggerty

Join me as we continue our path to sobriety and balance.

Stay strong.

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