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Meet Jim Haggerty

Family Interventionist, Behavioral Health Patient Navigator and Professional Healthcare Consultant

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James Haggerty
Jim brings a vast wealth of knowledge to his role as Interventionist at A Time To Heal: Family Interventions, having held C-suite positions in various treatment facilities and organizations. His background in counseling, mentoring, and health care consulting, combined with his administrative acumen, allows him to offer effective, holistic intervention strategies. Jim is deeply involved in the recovery community, serving on the boards of foundations like the ECHO Foundation and RAE Health, and volunteering his time to causes that support addiction recovery and wellness.

Jim’s philosophy is built around providing hope—inspired by his own experiences and the belief that everyone deserves a chance at recovery. His work with Harmony Hollow Farm and The F.A.R.M Team nonprofit exemplifies his commitment to creating supportive environments that foster healing and growth.

More From Jim Haggerty

“I always think of Father Martin’s Ashley’s (now Ashley Addiction Treatment Center) tagline for years “Our sole purpose is to heal”. I was drawn to work in this field because although I might not have the ability to heal, I do believe that I can help provide “hope”. I have had the privilege of working for unbelievable organizations, and have met or worked with some of the brightest minds in the SUD field, today I can call them colleagues. Colleagues and friends that are some of the most compassionate, empathetic, mission driven wonderful people in the world.

I am indeed blessed. I personally started out working in construction for a few years out of college, I worked for a Wall Street firm and later started my own Financial Consulting Company. I started working in the Substance Use Disorder field in 1995 as an AmeriCorps Volunteer as a counselor in a training position. In short order I moved from the counseling end of the field into more of the Administrative/ Executive suite. I spent most of my time as Admissions Director while supervising Utilization Review, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Billing, Accounts Receivable and IT. After a family relocation I worked exclusively in the C level positions both through my Consulting firm, Apogee System Consultants LLC and outside as a direct employee. I was personally responsible for hundreds of employees and facilities with 50 – 150 beds. I have always wanted to make a difference and pass on to others what people have passed on to me and my family over the years.

I currently serve as Board Chair for the ECHO Foundation. Since 2014, the ECHO Foundation has been helping people in early recovery with housing assistance. In more recent years, we’ve expanded our focus to include supporting artists in and for recovery. We’re always seeking new ways to support the addiction recovery community!

I am on the Advisory Board for RAE Health, another exciting recovery project. The RAE system is a new technology in development that facilitates the engagement of patients suffering from substance use disorders in real-time while informing treatment providers— ultimately helping to save lives and reduce the rate of relapse.

I work with the St. James Catholic Church Hope Ministry, offering interventions and treatment assistance to members of my parish. I also advise and volunteer for other various Non-Profits in New Jersey.

I’m thrilled to now be working with the team over at Harmony Hollow Farm. Harmony Hollow provides a beautiful, healing environment for meetings, wellness retreats and other events. We collaborate with professionals in the recovery field who provide workshops and seminars for specific groups in the recovery community. The proceeds go into supporting The F.A.R.M Team, our (501) C-3 nonprofit partner.”

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