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At Apogee System Consultants, we specialize in management consulting services. We offer our expertise in all aspects of business management, systems, and company culture.

Whether you are a start-up treatment facility or an established business, we possess the experience required at every level.

Our diverse range of services is designed to assist any organization that envisions creating or re-structuring their treatment center.

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Our Customized Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Healthcare Management Consulting Services

Your Partner in Building a Successful Behavioral Healthcare Organization

Apogee System Consultants is an experienced management consulting company that specializes in the development and growth of behavioral healthcare organizations. With a founder who has been instrumental in the launch of several successful treatment centers, Apogee offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to help your organization thrive at every stage.

Our comprehensive suite of actionable consulting services caters to both new and established organizations, ensuring that you receive the expert guidance necessary to excel in the competitive healthcare landscape. Whether you’re opening a new facility, addressing a specific challenge, or looking to optimize your operational systems, our team is dedicated to providing you with the support and expertise needed to deliver exceptional patient care and maintain a smooth-running operation.

At Apogee, we understand that the key to success in the behavioral healthcare industry lies in putting patients first. Our tailored solutions focus on creating an environment where patients feel supported, empowered, and confident in their journey towards improved mental health. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your organization will be well-equipped to meet the needs of your patients and stand out as a leader in the field.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your behavioral healthcare organization with the help of Apogee’s unparalleled expertise and proven strategies. Click through to our full-service page to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your goals and elevating your organization to new heights.


Patient And Family Health Navigation Services

Support for Employers: Enhancing Employee Well-being through Patient Navigation Services

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employee mental health is a critical factor for businesses to consider. With one in five adults in the U.S. experiencing a mental illness each year, it’s essential for employers to take proactive steps to support their staff’s well-being. Apogee System Consultants’ Patient Navigation Services can help businesses achieve this by assisting employees in accessing the behavioral healthcare they need.

Our patient navigators work alongside your HR department, relieving them of the time-consuming and often stressful task of guiding employees towards appropriate mental health resources. By providing expert support, we ensure that your employees receive the right care while allowing your HR team to focus on other essential responsibilities.

Investing in employee mental health has numerous benefits for businesses, including:

  • Increased Productivity: Studies show that employees who receive treatment for depression are more productive at work, with absenteeism and presenteeism reduced by as much as 40 to 60 percent.
  • Increased Retention: A recent survey found that over a third of respondents left a job due to mental health issues, with 59 percent citing it as the primary reason for their departure. Supporting employee mental health can help reduce turnover and retain valuable talent.
  • Lower Healthcare and Disability Costs: Adults with serious mental illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, leading to higher healthcare and disability expenses for organizations.

By partnering with Apogee System Consultants, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and create a healthier, more productive work environment. The cost of doing nothing far outweighs the investment in evidence-based prevention and support. Click through to our full-service page to learn more about how our Patient Navigation Services can benefit your organization and employees.

Patient And Family Health Navigation Services

At Apogee System Consultants, our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare management consulting and patient navigation services to ensure accessible, high-quality care for all. By leveraging our expertise and network of providers, we are committed to driving improvements and achieving success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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