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Meet Brad Landgenberg

Interventionist and Sober Companion

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Brad Landgenberg
Brad brings to A Time to Heal: Family Interventions over three decades of unmatched expertise and compassionate commitment in the field of behavioral health. With a robust career spanning 30 years, Brad has solidified his role as a beacon of hope and guidance in the addiction recovery community. Much of his remarkable work has been centered in the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, where for over two decades, he has dedicated himself to supporting families and their loved ones on their journeys toward recovery.

Brad’s approach is deeply rooted in the understanding and transformation of the family system. He believes that recovery and healing are not solitary journeys but ones that require the collective effort and resilience of the whole family. This belief has been the guiding principle of his work, enabling him to provide essential hope and assistance to many families over the years, thereby enriching not only their lives but also his own recovery and spiritual wellness.

One of the distinctive aspects of Brad’s work involves his focus on families in the public eye, celebrities, and Fortune 100 executives. He is acutely aware of the unique challenges and pressures they face, which has driven him to specialize in offering high-degree confidentiality and concierge services tailored to meet their specific needs. The trust and discretion this entails underscore Brad’s profound commitment to the principles of empathy, support, and confidentiality in the healing process.

Brad’s passion for helping others find what works best for them on an individual level is evident in every interaction. He is not just a counselor or a consultant; he is a dedicated partner in the path to recovery. His work is not just about solving problems but about helping individuals and their families discover a way of living that brings joy, fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

At A Time to Heal, Brad Langenberg continues to be an invaluable asset, embodying the organization’s core values of hope, healing, and connection. His extensive experience, combined with a genuine love for working with families, makes him a pivotal figure in transforming lives and guiding individuals toward a brighter, healthier future. Through his relentless dedication and unparalleled expertise, Brad stands as a source of strength and inspiration for many, marking a significant impact in the realm of addiction recovery and family interventions.

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